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In June, the world got an extended look into the future of the architecture industry. The 2016 Biennale Architettura (more commonly known as “la biennale”) got underway in Venice, Italy. The Venice Biennale is both an event and an organization which celebrates a variety of art forms including:

  • Visual Arts
  • Architecture
  • Cinema
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Theatre

CapturecampsEach form of art holds a summit which acts as a sort of world’s fair for the respective industries. The Biennale was founded all the way back in in 1895 and is led by the organization’s president, Paolo Baratta. It’s official goal is to foster research and promotion in each of the art forms it includes.

This year, the message was clear: the architectural community must place an increased emphasis, altruistically or otherwise, on the development of affordable/emergency housing. This means developing housing solutions for the world’s homeless and destitute – providing them with an environment in which they may focus on getting themselves on a path towards success without worrying about life’s most basic necessities.

Brazil_constructionAlso included in this effort are the world’s refugees. With hundreds dying of sickness, starvation, and unsafe travel in an attempt to escape war and persecution, it is the responsibility of the architectural community to offer insights and support towards finding temporary housing solutions.

Neri Architects is, and has always been, committed to charity through our craft. We are still in the process of reading and reflecting on these latest developments from la biennale, but we fully plan on providing an in depth reflection and response. If possible, we hope to contribute to the collective pool of ideas and insights needed to guide action on these world issues.

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