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The architects at Neri not only translated our ideas and concepts into plans, but they also added value and direction keeping within our style. In addition, floor plan and flow were top priority for Michi (director of architecture) as he continually refined entries, layout, bathroom positions, and all keeping within our square footage constraints. All of the staff at Neri were friendly and extremely pleasant. If they had concerns about a feature or concept, they laid out alternatives to achieve the same goal. There was never an argument over the direction. In our town, the city review process is daunting and may take multiple iterations if the style and rules are not followed. Neri took ownership of the whole review and permitting process and received approval on the first attempt. We were very pleased with the team at Neri.
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When looking for a forever home we found a house on an amazing piece of property but the house was a disaster and likely a teardown. We discussed with not one but two other architects who made plans and budgets but when the project went to bid estimates were 25% over budget from the start both times! At this point, we called Neri Architects and Guido and Michi met with us, listened to our needs and wants, and heard what the budget was. They then came up with creative ways to use the original house and reuse materials to save significant money while exceeding our dreams for a forever house. We built that house on a budget and were so please with Neri Architects that we are now using them to build an addition on our lake house.
Marcus Court Home
Susan Fumo
I am a real estate developer & general contractor & a client of Neri Architects for a few years now & could not be more satisfied with the service I have received from the great team of professionals Guido has assembled at his beautiful new office located on the corner of Devon & NW Highway. Thanks to Guido & Michi Mho, his chief architect, I can proudly put my name on two new apartment buildings in Park Ridge, & Highwwod, Ill. Great job guys!!!
Dee Front B
Bob R.
My husband and I were considering taking on a home addition project. We did some basic sketches ourselves and began looking for a builder. We ran into many stumbling blocks. Builders did not call back and were unable to tell us if our project would be within our budget. It seemed as though they could not see our vision or understand how to meet our needs. Neri Architects cleared all of those issues. They saw our visions, heard our needs, and designed the plans. They have been from the very first call extremely professional, prompt, and accommodating to all our requests, and may I also add very affordably. Their entire staff is helpful and the environment is cheerful. It is clear they enjoy what they do and are definitely a service company.
Clifton Avenue Home
Teresa Gorgon
Our architect at Neri has been respectful, creative, and supportive throughout our entire project. He always offered great suggestions for any problem that should arise, listened to our concerns, and addressed them, providing visual examples and constructive feedback. He pays attention to detail and we look forward to working with him throughout the construction of our home addition.
Edgebrook Chicago 1
I used Neri Architects for a single-family addition/complete home renovation project. In my first experience using an architect, I was somewhat inexperienced but they worked with me and always responded to my seemingly endless questions and concerns. I would recommend them.
Courtland Avenue Park Ridge IL
Dwyer T.

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