AR Changing the Face of Commercial Architecture

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We’ve all heard of virtual reality (VR). In recent years, however, the tech world has been focused on developing augmented reality (AR) technology. So what is AR? Have you ever seen a sci-fi movie where people work on floating computer screens? That’s AR in a nutshell. Augmented reality uses glasses or goggles to layer images on top of our normal field of vision. The technology has a variety of applications but is of particular interest to commercial architects.

A recent article from the MIT Technology Review profiled a company using Microsoft’s HoloLens (the leading AR headset) on commercial architecture projects. In the article, employees were able to catch a potentially costly error early on by projecting construction materials onto the spaces they would eventually occupy. It was discovered that some of the materials would be too big to fit into the space, saving the builders thousands of dollars.

downloadThe HoloLens is available to those with the pocketbooks to pay for it. However the technology is still very much in development. The potential impact this technology can have on the world of architecture is enormous. The ability to see your finished product as you build will increase efficiency and creativity as well as work to reduce mistakes.

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