Art vs. Architecture

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Marina Towers

Marina City consists of two corncob-shaped 179 m, 65-story towers.

If you take a walk downtown and look at the ornamentation on the Chicago Board of Trade or the iconic ribbonry of the Marina City buildings, you may begin to question whether those buildings serve as art or architecture. The distinction is not clearly defined and the debate over that distinction has gone on for years on end with no answer in sight.

Some argue that buildings can be described as artistic, but that their form follows their function. That architecture should prioritize a building’s functionality before considering its artistic merit. In 2014, at the Venice Architecture Biennale, Patrik Schumacher declared that “Architects are in charge of the form of the built environment, not its content” and that architects need to “stop confusing architecture and art.”

Art Institute Lion Statue

One of the two lion statues flanking the Art Institute’s main entrances.

At Neri Architects, we like to offer both. We design homes and offices considering both art and architecture. We recognize all of the functional needs of your family or business and we develop floor plans based on those needs. We also know that a significant part of a home’s value comes from its beauty. By no means, does considering the efficiency of a floor plan or its spacial requirements restrict us from designing and developing a beautiful home. Finally, we value your input as both an architect and an artist. No matter how you envision your future home, Neri Architects is here to execute and transform that vision.

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