Building a New Custom Home

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For most people, purchasing a new home is both an exciting and intimidating process.  For those who are lucky enough to build their dream home from the ground up, the process is even more exciting.

While building a new custom home is exciting, it is also very important to remember one thing; preparation is key.  Communication with your architect, contractor and construction manager throughout the process will insure that there will be no surprises along the way.

It is always key to know what your building envelope is before sitting down to design your new home.  A building envelope is the maximum measurement that is possible for the exterior of your new home. The dimensions are calculated according to the size of the lot and of course the local codes that oversee construction of new homes.

Make sure you have your checklist of “must-haves” prepared before the design process begins, therefore your designer knows everything that has to be in the home before any plans are drawn up

While the above steps are important, the biggest factor in your custom home is the budget.  When you compare your list of “must-haves” to the amount you’d like to spend, do they match up? You will most likely need assistance from an architect and your contractor to do this, but this step will save you a lot of headaches in the long run.

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