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What is an Open Floor Plan?

An open floor plan is a layout in which two or more rooms are connected without formal boundaries. While physical obstacles may separate the space, every room included in the plan is typically within one’s line of site. The sense of openness this plan is intended to create often adds an imaginary sense of enormity to the space. This may help smaller spaces appear larger and larger spaces appear towering.


The Pros5738026473_24583c2989

1. Increase Family Interaction
An open floor plan may expand the borders of communal family areas. For example, a dad cooking dinner in the kitchen can ask his daughter doing homework in the living room about her day at school without feeling disconnected.

2. Bring in More Natural Light
In a closed floor plan, sunlight entering the house has no shortage of walls to bounce off of and disperse. Open floor plans allow for natural sunlight to travel throughout the area with little obstruction. Aside from the obvious aesthetic value that natural lighting adds, homeowners may also save money on energy costs with the improved natural light and heat.

3. Promote Inclusion
It is all too common to lose your host or hostess behind their kitchen walls and miss out on the good conversation that could have been. Open floor plans are perfect for entertaining as hosts/hostesses can ensure things are going smoothly without facing barriers to vision or conversation.


3983247195_bc6c74e5c7The Cons

1. Lack of Privacy
Constant contact with family members is a double-edged sword. While it’s great to communicate freely when everyone’s getting along, open floor plans can make it difficult to find some alone time in some areas of the house.

2. No Place to Hide the Mess
While open floor plans provide a huge benefit to the busy party host, there may be some logic behind why places like the kitchen are often walled-off. Some areas of our homes are simply more prone to mess than others. For those with an open floor plan, however, little can be done to hide it.


3. Coordinating the Flow

Open floor plans can pose a challenge to those looking to establish a defined theme or vibe to each room. Furniture and color schemes might not mesh as well when the rooms begin to blend together without a clear sense of boundaries.

Fortunately, the experienced staff of Neri Architects can help you work around the cons of an open floor plan so you can focus on getting the space you want, hassle-free. Click here to learn more.

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