Outdoor Living (In Your Own Home!)

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If you love the outdoors, there’s a good chance that the hustle and bustle of everyday have kept you from reconnecting with nature at some point. With some careful planning, you can enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors without straying too far from your own home!

Build An Additionwinter-garden-318325_960_720

A sunroom or four-seasons room can be more than enough to bring you
back in touch with the outdoors. Talk to an architect about incorporating an addition to your home to add a little nature to your day-to-day life. Decorating a four-seasons room with wilderness lodge paraphernalia can supplement this. Nothing will make you feel more in tune with the outdoors than enjoying a meal to the tune of the summertime symphony of crickets.

Maximize Your Backyard

maxresdefault (12)Upgrading your shed, expanding your garden, and incorporating nooks for sitting, dining, or entertaining can all help you restore your connection with the great outdoors. Not only will taking a DIY approach to these projects help you reconnect, but can also help you feel in tune with nature upon completion. Get your hands on some wood and stones and get creative with it (spousal approval may be required)!


Rethink the Interior

If you’re still in the planning stages of a housing project, you can work with an 27044511176_2841539b3a_barchitect to incorporate natural light. Even if your house is completed, opening up your floor plan will allow more natural light to flow in. Increasing the natural light in your home is an easy way to feel more in tune with the outdoors. You can also incorporate a natural vibe by choosing natural fabrics and materials. Substitute glass and plastic with wood and stone. You’ll be feeling rejuvenated in no time!

If thinking about bringing the outdoors to your front door is a little too exhausting to find a place in your schedule, leave it to us! Contact Neri Architects to learn more about what we can do to help you incorporate nature into your home design.

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