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Architecture serves as a sort of time capsule for the lives and lifestyles of different generations. From the log cabins of the expanding west to the narrow shotgun houses of New Orleans, each architectural trend has a story to tell. It’s because of this that we’re fascinated with the latest trends of modern architecture. Let’s take a look at some of the defining trends of this decade and see if we can learn something about ourselves along the way!(1)Central_building_Broadway_Sydney-1

Sustainable Design

Sustainable design is the concept of letting resource-efficiency and renewable/recycled materials guide our work. This often takes the form of channelling the flow of air to create a natural heating or cooling effect, finding new and innovative ways to recycle water, and creating more effective methods of trapping/blocking heat. Sustainable design techniques can save homeowners thousands and is saving many commercial property owners millions! The demand for sustainable design practices is driven, in large part, by the increasing global warming crisis. It’s also likely supplemented by our societal overuse of technology.

Better Technology = Lower Costs

Stoke_newington_raines_court_1The advent of 3D printing and the increased use of prefabricated housing have provided attractive cost-efficient housing options. 3D printing is on track to allowing manufacturers to mass-print construction parts. Prefabricated housing can also help save money by allowing construction to take place, in part offsite. Don’t be surprised if you see more cookie-cutter houses on the horizon. This tells us more about the industry than it does about those it serves. There will always be a demand for safe cost-efficient construction methods. This demand is supported by the novelty of 3D printing and prefabrication. More people are okay with having their houses look similar to their neighbors if they know that cutting-edge technology was used to make it. We have a feeling that this novelty will wear down and we’ll see a larger demand for custom design by the end of the decade.


Bringing Nature Indoors

If there’s one thing future generations should know about 2016, it’s that Americans are glued to their devices. Many seek to balance their overwhelming dependence on technology by incorporating a natural feel into their homes. Open floor plans and large windows are in high demand, allowing natural light to fill the house. Using natural materials both inside and outside of the home has also played into this trend.

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Smarter Homes

While many opt for a more natural feel in their homes, a large fraction of design projects must accommodate the flip side of the coin. Smart thermostats, universal remotes, and smart security monitoring have all contributed to the rise of the smart home – homes driven by the latest and greatest technology has to offer. Our technological dependence is sure to be one of the most noticeable additions to this decade’s architectural time capsule.

Whether you want to follow the latest trends in architecture or try something new, Neri Architects is here to help you every step of the way. Our experienced architects will help you transform your unique creative vision into a property you can be proud of! Contact us today!

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