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Site planning is a challenge rarely encountered outside the world of architecture. Even the handiest of handymen often find themselves stumped over the best ways to utilize their project space. Site planning takes time and intuition to master. Luckily, Neri Architects has both the years of experience and the hard-earned intuition to leave you with these simple site planning tips.

1. Know The Terrain

Anybody with common sense knows that you want to make sure there are no obvious obstructions that could potentially hinder the layout of your building site. What most people overlook is the tiny things. Are those tree roots still growing? If so, you may end up costing yourself thousands in infrastructure repairs later on down the road. Maybe the site is clear, but the soil is ripe for erosion or flooding. By taking all the tiny details into account when planning your site, your project is well on its way to being a success.

2. Here Comes The Sun!

It’s always important to consider how the sun will affect your project. For example, failing to consider how the sun might influence housing project may lead to future owners shading their eyes every time they sit down to enjoy breakfast and dinner. On a similar note, plan out how you’d like natural light to travel throughout the finished property. This will help you detect potential obstructions which may necessitate edits to your design.


3. Perspective On Multiple Levels

Nothing is more awkward than a bathroom window positioned in full view of the neighbors (even thick blinds don’t make you feel 100% comfortable). Take the sightlines of future occupants into account during your site planning process. Will they constantly be staring into the sun? What about making eye contact with neighbors? Taking a few minutes to map out potential sightlines on each level of the house can make a world of difference in how much future occupants appreciate your work.


4. Where Will Water Pool?

Uneven ground can be a pain when it comes to landscaping, but it can also wreak havoc on your property’s infrastructure. Take the site’s natural hills and slopes into account during the planning stages to avoid potentially costly damages should water pool in the wrong places.


There’s a lot more to site planning than meets the eye. That’s why you can call Neri Architects for industry-seasoned insight and experience. Neri Architects offers site planning services which can save you both time and money. When even the slightest mistakes can end up costing you thousands, you can count on industry veterans like Neri Architects to save the day. Contact Neri Architects for quality site planning services today!

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