Setting the Mood in Colors

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Setting the Mood

Have you ever been so mad youKLIK5Q5KX2 were “seeing red”? Maybe you’ve laughed so hard you were “tickled pink”. Or perhaps being “green with envy” had you “feeling blue”. Color plays a powerful role in determining how we feel and are perceived. That’s why picking the right color scheme for the space you live can influence how you act and react within that space. If you spend a lot of time in rooms with darker color schemes, you may begin to feel claustrophobic or lonely. You may also find an extra pep in your step after spending time in a brightly and naturally-lit room adorned with shades of red, yellow, or orange. Let’s take a look at some tips and tricks for choosing the right color schemes to set a mood!

The Right Color for the Right Mood

When it comes to picking a color scheme to enhance a mood, it’s important to know which moods are associated with each color. Shades of red often evoke a sense of passion and adventurousness. Blue shades have a more calming, meditative effect. Similarly, greens are perceived as more tranquil and grounding. Orange and yellow are seen as being colors of creativity, warmth, and welcoming.

CgbJoI9W4AAlcNSDon’t Get Hung Up On One Color!

Because most people try to envision the finished product when designing a room, it’s easy to get hung up on colors that work with the look and style of what they had in mind. This close-minded approach to choosing a color scheme can have you staring indecisively at the same color swatches until they kick you out of the Home Depot! On top of that, most people end up settling for a color scheme they’re not truly comfortable with. Keeping an open mind when choosing your color scheme is one of the best ways to wind up with colors you love.

So how do you decide which other color options to consider? Demo some potential candidates for a week or two before making your decision. You can do this by painting something like a paper plate and sticking it on a neutrally-toned wall. You can always use the paint swatch itself, but in this case, bigger is typically better. After a while you will be able to determine which colors or color combinations you feel drawn to as well as the ones you could do without.





It’s important to note that you can easily overdo it with color intensity. Painting your wall a color that’s going to knock people off their feet probably isn’t going to set the mood you wanted. Instead, use vibrant colors to accent more neutral tones, creating an evocative “pop” of color rather than a blinding “paintball” of it. This is an often overlooked method of using contrast to both inspire the mood of your accent while also enhancing the vibrancy and energy of the neutral tone.



wall-panel-416041_960_720Don’t Get Too Matchy-Matchy

Getting too caught up with trying to find the perfect match of colors to set your mood can easily backfire. Green pillow in an equally green room is, effectively, camouflage. You can get around this by working with complementary colors, accents, or by choosing shades of the same color which are distinguishable enough from each other to not blend in.



Do What Feels Right for You!

In the end, all that really matters is that you do what feels right to you. With so many shades and colors to choose from, it can be hard to know which colors feel “right”. Neri Architects can help you design a colorful aesthetic both outside the house and in. Contact us today to bring your vision to life!


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