5 Super Storage Hacks to Maximize Your Living Space

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We all know what it feels like when you begin to run out of storage space. It’s a sort of preemptive claustrophobia that follows you the second you enter a room. Instead of purging your possessions, consider these storage hacks to keep things tidy while maximizing your living space.

1. Find furniture with built-in storage opportunities.

An example of storage built into furniture.

Why buy a table when you can buy a table that doubles as a bookshelf? Even if they don’t store much, finding furniture that can double as storage for something else can help declutter your house. The more pieces you find, the more space you have to tuck away the mess!

2. Look for flexibility in your storage options.

An example of flexible storage space.

Never buy something for the specific purpose of storage when it cannot adjust to meet your needs. Find shelves with adjustable heights or widths, Look for dividers you can reconfigure 100 different ways. Don’t find yourself with space to store things but lacking the configurational freedom to organize them as you wish.

3. Why go “compact” when “vertical is an option?

An example of storage which utilizes vertical space.

Don’t be afraid to play around with height when finding a storage configuration that’s right for you. Unused wall space can be a great opportunity to place shelves or racks. These can provide you with a good amount of storage space without taking up too much floor space.

4. Think like a Swiss army knife.

A Swiss Army Knife.

What is a Swiss army knife? Is it a knife. Yes. But is it also a screwdriver? Yes. How about a pair of scissors? Each time you buy (and commit to using) a multi-functional piece of furniture, you’re essentially killing two birds with one stone and will have the floor space to show for it.

5. Be diligent. Be consistent.

An example of well-utilized storage space.

If you don’t take every opportunity to actually use the storage strategies you have in place, you’ll never move past square one. Be diligent about folding and tucking your clothes and linens. Get rid of loose papers and garbage the second you no longer need it. One of the best ways to maintain consistency is to take 5-10 minutes each day looking for any opportunities to tidy something up or store something more efficiently. This will eventually become habit and the rest is easy!

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